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Peace Universal Traders is a leading custom clearing agency authorized by Nepal Government since 2009 to provide solid satisfactory and reliable Custom Import services. Our clients, domestic as well as international, can depend on us to safely import their cargoes without having trouble clearing through customs. Not only that, having documentation that is accurate is crucial—which is why Peace Nepal is punctual with the submission of correct paperworks to the authorities and related subsidiary activities such as managing specialized labor, transport and helping clear goods quickly to save time and money.

Likewise, we also offer services to Government Contractor, Private Sector Contractor, Public/ Private Organization or non-Governmental Organization (NGO) etc. Therefore, the consisting shipments include household goods, vehicles, machinery equipment used in the reconstruction process and the Relief Cargo. Reliability, quick response and regular status updates will be available for your goods.

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Import Services

We are professional in the field of clearance, responsible for clearing the duties and documentation on the import of all types of goods and merchandise, in compliance with customs regulations and government regulations.

Documentation and Parcel

We provide proper information and guidance for proper documentation and paper works required for the clearance of imported consignments.

Our First Priority Our Customer

We provide proper information about the time of arrival of consignments in TIA customs to the clearance of concerned consignments so that consignee would be regularly informed about consignment status.

Guidance and Support

We provide advice to importers accurately on the processes and procedures for clearance of goods. To ensure that proper documents are lodged and goods are cleared as per the requirement of the law. To keep and maintain all records as per the requirement of the law and time management.


We envision Peace Nepal to manage the shipments of our most valuable clients and grow our business alongside.


Our mission is to offer our customers carefree delivery service by providing a capable, trustworthy team to handle their goods so that they can focus more on their business sales and less about the transportation part of it.


The number one goal that we aspire to accomplish is to become the leading logistic organization that you can rely upon for transporting your cargo.

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